About Us

Formed in 2017 MaxamMedia is a collaborative network of industry pros with decades of experience. We are comprised of people who have participated in projects of every size. From Hollywood blockbuster to safety and educational video’s for local schools and companies, to nationally run advertisements.¬† Our team consists of producers, videographers, directors, steady-cam operators, writers, audio/sound technicians, actors/actress’s, editors, and everything else that is needed to finish a project that began with only an idea.

Founded by Chester, Des, Chris, and Martha Rinaldi, MaxamMedia moves forward with the intention to create the best quality Video and Film products to serve the needs of our clients, and to do so in a timely manner at very competitive prices.

We match your creative project with a member of our team who will best serve your needs. Whether you want to create an advertisement for the super bowl or generate some helpful videos to post on your youtube business page, we can help.

Stayed tuned as we add the professional bios of our team members.