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We produce, film, edit, and rank the video’s that you or your business needs.

Video and Commercial production is an asset to every modern business. Most simply, can not grow or even survive without it in some form. You need to get you message heard and your brand seen by your target audience.

87% of online marketers use video content

So what has been stopping you?

Fear of high cost that will exceed your ad spend budget?

Not sure how to get you finished product seen?

Worried that you might not look or sound good on film?

Maybe you lack some of the creative ideas’s that you need to resonate with your intended market?

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Video is shared 12X’s more often than Image and Text


Video content can result in increased sticking power and user engagement on your site.

And while most content producers do not offer SEO services for the content they have created …we do. We have in house knowledge of how to get your video content the traffic it deserves. When you have a video or a series of them created by us. we give you the option of our SEO package, which includes page one ranking of your materials. We make sure that niche related searches, looking for products or services like yours, can find your video’s. Whether they be in the form of direct advertisement, educational info and tips, how to’s, or video reviews we get your material in front of the right audience for you.

We have partnered with Edmonton SEO DizzyWeb an excellent Digital Marketing Agency to execute on video content ranking so that you don’t have to worry about getting viewers to find the Video material we create for you.

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Digital Marketing and SEO Ranking

Why Get Video Content Creation Done For Your Website?

Video content creation for your website can make it a lot better looking and more interactive. You just have to know that the person that is helping with it is doing a good job. Otherwise, you may get stuck with something that doesn’t help your site to do well at all.

When someone comes to a website, their worst fear is that it will only contain a bunch of text to read. You want to use videos to cut down on how much work people have to do to get information from your website. If you can say what you need to with video content, it tends to work a lot better than writing multiple pages of information out in the text. Of course, you also have to make sure your videos are not too long because people have short attention spans when looking at anything online.

A video is going to work well if you can have a professional work on it for you. The key is to use quality equipment to record footage and to show people something about what you’re offering that they just have to have. For instance, if you’re advertising an app you could have someone talking about how they used it and how they found it to be useful. Make sure you’re not being too “salesy” in your videos. People like to think that they came to a decision when buying something, so keep that in mind when coming up with content with a company.

Before you hire someone to make videos, ask to see some of their past work. If their clients were mostly private, then see if they have samples of some kind at the very least. When someone can’t show you something that they have done, then there’s no telling if you are going to get good services or not. One way to back up their claims is to find reviews if you can’t find anything else. If you go that route, make sure anything someone posted as a review is up to date and is detailed enough to help you make a choice.

The video content creation for your website you can have done should add to the site. The only way to make sure this is done right is to hire professionals. Do some research and in the end, you should be able to find what is needed.

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Have your Video created content ranking higher in the search engines by using our SEO services once your film project is complete.


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